Just For The Record

In an abandoned attic, dictaphone robot REC is desperately trying to find the way to
connect to little bird that stops on its window.

Twice Upon A Time (feature) – in development

Twice Upon a Time is a Canadian/Serbian co-production, family feature 3D animated film produced by To Blink Animation and directed by Vojin Vasovic.

Akiko – in development

Akiko is a girl that has different perception on snow and because of it she is getting in trouble in her

Ruben and the Parrot – in development

Ruben (71) is an orchestra conductor, at the end of his career. As he directs a concert following his wife’s death, he finds no point in conducting anymore.

5 Minutes Each

5 Minutes Each is a metaphorical story about the constant struggle of the artist to reach those five minutes of limelight.

Twice Upon A Time (short)

Twice Upon a Time is a fairy tale for all generations about a king with split personality, split time and a split screen.

What Do Elephants Dream

coming soon

All Speak

feature animation, info coming soon