“Always growing up with stories that matter.”

We are a team of always-growing-ups creating family animated films. We use our competences to explore possibilities of new technologies and help authors tell their stories about hardships of growing up.

Nourishing creativity

Striving for excellence

Enjoying growth

Being sustainable

Demonstrating integrity


…is a feature animation production studio focused on original storytelling. Our vision is to create unique, personal growth enhancing, memorable, and visually daring experiences for audiences of all ages. With a mission to entertain, enlighten and enrich through film, to inspire and communicate richness of ideas and cultures with wide international audiences. Our short animation films have screened at more than 100 film festivals and won more than 30 international awards for direction, animation and original score.

We are creating surreal worlds that erase borders between children and adults. By trusting that animation is the universal language, we believe in open communication and collective unconscious mind. We want our audiences to leave cinema with their imagination running wild, with broader understanding of themselves, with a feeling of intimacy, a feeling that they belong.

In house production focus is pre-production of animation. Our external politics is finding and strengthening international partnerships on co-producing animation. The final goal of To Blink Animation is making daring animation distributed to wide international audience.



Vojin finished his film-directing B.A. program at The Academy of Arts, Belgrade, Serbia, and Master of Arts in experimental theatre at the University of Toronto. He is a founding member of To Blink Studio and its active writer, director and producer.


is a sound designer by day and music composer by night. He got MA degree in Sound Design and Music Production at The Academy of Arts, Belgrade. He has worked as sound designer and composer on numerous feature and short films. He is a founder and owner of Sonic Plant Studio and core member of To Blink Studio.


Milorad came recently to the world of animation production through working closely on development of To Blink Animation’s feature animation production. Working on financial and strategic planning, his mission is to bridge manager and producer positions in the studio.


Andrijana got her Master’s degree in Classical Studies at Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. She is a movie buff, who is producing both live-action and animation films.


Nikola is a concept designer and an architect. He holds Master degree in architectural design from Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade University. He’s been serving as a visual sherpas of the To Blink Studio since it’s inception.


Stevan is a film director, writer and producer. He studied film at Humber College in Toronto, Canada. He produced several animated and live action short films, and his directoral debut is starting its festival year in September 2017.