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Latest Projects

Just For The Record

In an abandoned attic, dictaphone robot REC is desperately trying to find the way to
connect to little bird that stops on its window.

Twice Upon A Time (feature) – in development

Twice Upon a Time is a Canadian/Serbian co-production, family feature 3D animated film produced by To Blink Animation and directed by Vojin Vasovic.

Akiko – in development

Akiko is a girl that has different perception on snow and because of it she is getting in trouble in her

Ruben and the Parrot – in development

Ruben (71) is an orchestra conductor, at the end of his career. As he directs a concert following his wife’s death, he finds no point in conducting anymore.

We are a team of always-growing-ups creating family animated films. We use our competences to explore possibilities of new technologies and help authors tell their stories about hardships of growing up.

Latest News

Twice Upon a Time won 3 awards last week! Best Animation @Movie Screen Festival and Best Script and Best Animation