Ruben and the Parrot

Ruben (71) is an orchestra conductor, at the end of his career. As he directs a concert following his wife’s death, he finds no point in conducting anymore. He bows to the audience, and the applause morphs into noise, and annoys him.

As he continues his life, the city noise penetrates his apartment with a crescendo, forcing him to move out and settle in a cabin in the forest.

His neighbor’s parrot, befriended by Ruben, follows him. The parrot, having lived in the city, mimics all the noise that bothered Ruben.

Now settled in the forest close to Ruben, the parrot spews its cacophony, and all the birds repeat it. In an instant, the forest sounds just like the city, and Ruben realizes that he brought his noise with him.

Forced to confront the source of this noise, Ruben is faced with loneliness and a lack of purpose to live. A note from his wife that he just discovered reminds him that the music is always inside him, and Ruben finds the strength to quiet the forest, and conduct the birds back to harmony.


Vojin Vasovic, Ada Sofranic Sucur

Co Producer:
Stevan Mitrovic

Stevan Mitrovic

Stevan Mitrovic

Art Director:
Felix Girard

Art Direction Supervisor:
Nikola Stepkovic

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