Twice Upon A Time (short)

Film by Vojin Vasovic

Twice Upon a Time is a fairy tale for all generations about a king with split personality, split time and a split screen.

It is a story about dual nature of kings and things and how playing cards came to be. One half of the King represents a barbaric King, a crude but fearless warrior. The other half of his is a King-poet, a man of graceful poise and manners. They share their conscience, but have opposing wishes and desperately want to get rid of each other.


Written and directed by:
Vojin Vasovic

Art director, character design:
Nikola Stepkovic

Vojin Vasovic, Snezana Cubrilovic, Nikola Stepkovic, Mladen Nikolic

Original score:
Vladimir Kerkez, Aleksandar Randjelovic

John White, Miodrag Mica Milovanov

Produced by:
To Blink Studio, PLAN 9, AZT Media

Supported by:

Canada Council for the Arts, Film Centre of Serbia,
Ontario Art Council, Toronto Art Council, European Short Pitch


Audience Award @ 27th Fancine, Malaga

Best Original Score @ Kraljevo Film Festival, Kraljevo

Best Animation @ Canada Shorts, New Brunswick

Best Writing/Screenplay @ Canada Shorts, New Brunswick

Best Canadian Film @ Canada Shorts, New Brunswick

Best Animation @ Canada Independent Film Festival, Montreal

Best Script @ Cinema Of The World, Mumbai, India

Best Editing @ Cinema Of The World, Mumbai, India

Best Animation @ Barselona Planet FF, Barselona

Best Script @ Barselona Planet FF, Barselona

Best Animation @ Short To The Point, Romania

Best Animation @ Movie Screen Pro FF, Los Angeles

Best Animation @ 12 Months FF, Cluj, Romania

Distinction in Short Film @ Athens Animfest, Greece

Best Animation @ Largo Film Awards, Switzerland

Grand Prix @ Asaenes FF, Sevilia, Spain

Kahuna Award @ Honolulu Film Awards

Best Animation @ Redline Int.FF, Toronto, Canada

19.”Dusan Vukotic” Award @ Neum Animation FF, Neum, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2nd Place Award @ Brainwash Movie Festival

Best Animation – Anual Award, SHORT to the point, Cluj, Romania

Best Directing @ Chaniartoon International Comic & Animation Festival,Greece

Best Pitch @ SEE Fest, Los Angeles

Best Original Score @ Short Sounds, United Kingdom

Best Sound and Original Score @ Martovski Festival, Belgrade

Best Screenplay and

Best Film @ Serbian Fantastic Film Festival