I’m Akiko

Akiko is a girl that has different perception on snow and because of it she is getting in trouble in her
school. Akiko goes to the school where the main entrance is the big MOLD. When children enter
through that mold, they lose their round edges and from “roundish”, children gets the “squarish”
shape. But when Akiko goes through that mold, she regains her “roundish” shape with a little trick:
blowing in her finger.

Her rigorous TEACHER gives a drawing theme WINTER to the class. Akiko makes an unusual
drawing that inflames the imagination of other children, who regain their natural “roundish” shape.

The whole class is helping Akiko to make snow out of paper. That makes rigorous Teacher furious
and she stops the game, which make all the children square again. At the end, Teacher understands
the magic of Akiko’s drawing and starts Akiko’s game again, which makes even the Teacher round


Based on book by Stefan TićMi

Andrijana Sofranić Šućur

Damir Romanov

Art Director:
Sonja Varga

Art Direction Supervisor:
Nikola Stepkovic

Snežana Čubrilović